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Plan your escape! Turn virtually any out-building into a social hub...

Posted Apr 21st, 2024 in Garage & Patio, News, Sidebar Feed

Plan your escape! Turn virtually any out-building into a social hub...

Man Cave, She Shed, Kids Den... it's all how you design it. Gain valuable living space by taking a second look at heating your shed, garage or patio. 

You may have more quality real estate than you think.

Family time is valuable, but so is ME time... whether YOU need to escape, or you'd like the teenagers to giggle and shriek elsewhere, the garage isn't just for junk anymore.

Right here in Niagara, homeowners are making the most of their outdoor living spaces. Heating the garage, covered porch or pool house have become a great investment in the Niagara Area. Not only extending the outdoor season, but also extending the social living space for the adults, kids and teens.

Playroom, Sports Bar, Teen hangout... Making the most out of your out-building or attached garage, can be fun and affordable.

Once you've perused Pinterest for the coolest concepts (search cool-garage-ideas for example), find out how best to heat & cool this space for year round use.

Natural Gas, Propane and Electric options are all available. Find out which is most effective and the cost/efficiency associated with each. Interested in extending your season and space in Niagara?

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