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Air Conditioners for Your Home

With an efficient air conditioner installation and maintenance services from Konkle, you and your family can stay comfortable and cool during our humid Niagara summers.

Air Conditioning Installation, St. Catharines

Stay cool, efficiently.

At Konkle, we know that when it comes to Air Conditioning, three things matter most: cost, reliability, efficiency.

During those sticky Niagara summers, you need a system that keeps your family cool and comfortable no matter what... without costing you an arm and a leg when the energy bill arrives.

With our high-efficiency, premium quality air conditioning systems, staying cool and on budget is no problem.

Ingersol Rand/Trane tests each of their air conditioner products to the limit and beyond before they'll put their name to it. That means you can rest assured that your unit will work hard day in and day out to keep your family comfortable — for a really long time.

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How You Save Money

Highly efficient air conditioners with smart installation can mean real savings when replacing old equipment. Our veteran installers take their time and make sure that each component of your system is matched to work seamlessly with the rest, and to suit the needs of your unique Niagara home. 

Together with regular maintenance visits from our pros, these elements ensure that your system won't be over taxed, and will continue to run efficiently all summer long, for many years to come.

The result? You keep more money in your pocket, and leave behind a smaller environmental footprint, too. 

Air Conditioning FAQs

Are there Rebates for replacing my Central Air Conditioner?

Often there are rebates available. However, the SEER (efficiency) rating must be very high. 18 SEER. These units are more expensive but much more efficient. Ask your rep for a price comparison and see what's right for your home.

I don’t have Central Air. Can I get it?

If your home has an existing furnace (electric, gas, oil or propane) it is very likely Konkle can install Central Air Conditioning. Get a free quote to be sure.

I don’t have ductwork, how can I get Air Conditioning?

Ductless Systems or Mini splits are available for homes that are heated with rads or electric baseboards. These units can heat and/or cool your home or workspace.

Can you help me with financing?

Yes. And it's easy to pre-approve yourself without any obligation. Learn More »

I’ve never had my air conditioner serviced. Should I?

An air conditioner is a pressurized system that runs optimally when all components are set up properly. Over the seasons pressure percentages drop causing the unit to work harder and run less efficiently. Maintenance will not only recharge the pressure but will clean and inspect the unit. This maintenance will potentially extend the life and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Why do other companies advertise cheaper prices?

Here are a just few tricks contractors may use to advertise a cheap price:

1. Doesn’t include all necessary components required or installation  

2. Contractor works "on-the-side" - which is great initially, but may not be available later, if the system fails or to honour the Warranty  

3. Contract small print includes an annual "Maintenance Agreement" (sometimes $200-$400 per year x 10 years) That's $4000!

4. Equipment is very low quality, often shipped from overseas in large quantities. Breakdowns can be expected within the first 5 years.

We love great deals too!  Just knowing all the facts can help with your investment.  

Do you offer 24/7 emergency service?

Yes. The Konkle Team offers 24/7 emergency service and has the capability and technicians to deliver. Emergency Contact »

Why should I choose Konkle over other companies?

Good question – and one we're happy to answer! You are a person not a number, and we pride ourselves in keeping you in our Konkle Family. We believe in long term relationships, not short term sales. More Reasons »

Quality Brands You Can Trust

Konkle has a reputation in the Niagara Region for providing quality high efficiency home air conditioners from quality manufacturers you can trust. 

Trane High Efficiency Furnaces Niagara      Ameristar Air Conditioning Niagara

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