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Fast, Easy Financing with Konkle

Konkle offers a fast, flexible, easy way for Niagara residents to pay for their furnace (heating), air conditioning (cooling) and indoor air quality needs without having to wait.

Quickly, pre-approve yourself. No obligation. Snap Available in Niagara: Stoney Creek to Niagara Falls - Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, Campden, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Grimsby, Smithville, Welland, Fonthill & Winona

SNAP Home Improvement Financing FAQs

I have an averaged-sized home. How much can I expect furnace financing to cost?

While pricing varies, the average cost is as follows:

  • Premium Quality 2-Stage Furnace  $40-$55/month
  • Premium Furnace & AC -$95-$115/month

Most options qualify for DOUBLE Rebates!

What payment method options are offered?

SNAP helps you set up with hassle-free direct debit payments or allows you to put payments on your credit card.

How long has SNAP been in business?

Since 2006, SNAP Home Finance has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners just like you afford the improvements they need. People like financing with us because we provide fast, fair and friendly payment solutions. We offer approvals within minutes through our trusted service providers so you can start your home improvement project today.

How long does it take to get financing approval with SNAP?

SNAP offers approvals within minutes, meaning you can get started on your HVAC project today.

Why shouldn't I just use a credit card to pay?

With SNAP, you get a significantly lower interest rate than a credit card — which can have rates as high as 29%. That mean you'll pay less in the long run.

What is the SNAP Interest Rate?


Can I pay out my loan early?

Yes! You can pay off your loan at any time. You can sign in on the SNAP website to pay your loan there, pay through your bank, forward a cheque to the SNAP Toronto office, or contact SNAP by phone and have them withdraw funds directly from your account. More Financing Details »

What are the benefits of financing my home improvements?

With SNAP financing solutions, you can get that home improvement equipment and service that best suits your actual needs, and you don't need to make a choice based purely on budget. This can actually save you money long term, because you may be able to afford a more efficient system. 

For example, even if you have the money saved up to pay for your HVAC system outright, financing may still be a smart choice for you. With financing, you can keep your savings in the bank, giving you more financial flexibility in emergencies.

Financing also allows you to add value to your home by choosing the most energy efficient option, and to add upgrades now, rather than paying for costly repairs down the road.

Serving: Stoney Creek to Niagara Falls - Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, Lincoln, Grimsby, Smithville, Welland & Winona.

Can I pay half, and use SNAP for half?

Yes. You can decide how much you'd like to pay and and how much to finance. SNAP offers fast, friendly and fair payment solutions for clients across Canada. They provide quick approvals, reasonable and responsible interest rates, and a sincere commitment to great customer service.

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Why SNAP Home Finance?

It's the consumer-friendly financial program endorsed by Konkle Plumbing & Heating. Why go to the bank when you can simply click on the pre-approved logo on this page and complete our secure credit application. With SNAP, credit decisions take just minutes!

SNAP Benefits

  • Up to 100% financing for all your home comfort needs
  • No down payment necessary
  • Low monthly payment options
  • Open loan option – pay off the entire loan at anytime without penalties
  • Personal and confidential
  • Easy deductions from your bank account
  • Take up to 12 years to pay

Serving: Stoney Creek to Niagara Falls - Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, Lincoln, Grimsby, Smithville, Welland & Winona


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