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Can I Get a Furnace on a Monthly Payment Plan?

Posted Sep 21st, 2017 in Promotions & Financing, Sidebar Feed, Heating

Can I Get a Furnace on a Monthly Payment Plan?

Often Niagara Homeowners would like to upgrade their Furnace or Air Conditioner, but don't have the cash up front. Monthly payment plans take the financial pressure off, and give the opportunity for obtaining better quality equipment.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Equipment is a necessary component in every home in Canada. Getting higher quality equipment is a worthwhile investment, but does come with a price tag. 

For those customers who prefer to pay for larger expenses over time, payment plans can be a good option.

A few tips for successful payment plan purchases:

  1. Get pre-approved so there is no stress or rush purchases.
  2. Consider buying before it breaks to avoid winter emergencies and to give yourself time to consider different options.
  3. Opt for a flexible plan that offers a free buy-out, in case you wish to pay it off early, or adjust your payment amount.

For Niagara residents considering payments plans for HVAC, Konkle Plumbing & Heating offers private, pre-approval. 

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Confused about which Furnace to buy?

Consider these Brands backed by a Certified 10 Years Part AND Labour Warranty. See the link for a simple explanation of the 'types' of furnaces available.

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