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What do I need to clean my Digester, Lagoon, Sewer System?

Posted Apr 18th, 2018 in Healthy Home TIps, Plumbing

What do I need to clean my Digester, Lagoon, Sewer System?

#1 Grease and Sludge Eliminator - Commercial Use

Cost Savings

  • Saves on odour control costs
  • Decreases solids removal costs by a greater reduction of solids
  • Reduces cost of post chlorination/disinfection
  • Eliminates cost of grease solvents and hydrogen peroxide
  • Prevents clean outs and hauling from digesters that have become “dead”
  • Substantially lowers polymer costs by producing a better quality sludge that is more homogenized with less odour
  • Digesters can be treated with additional dosages to overcome Toxic Stress Situations
  • Waste Go is a perfect seed source to apply during digester startup

Waste-Go is a proven on site formulation of bacteria and enzymes in a food base along with vital supporting helpers such as buffering and wetting agents.

This powdered blend, when activated with water, digests solid waste and grease; turning it into nutrient rich ash and mineral rich H2O.

Waste-Go is nature’s own way of recycling all organic waste back to plant food.


  • Waste Go is non-poisonous, non-caustic and non-acid
  • Gloves or masks are not needed
  • It is harmless to humans, animals and the environment
  • It is harmless to all piping and equipment
  • NSF Registered Product 

How is this Possible?

Waste-Go uses several strains of microbes. Some of them are aerobic and some of them are facultative. Facultative organisms have the ability to adapt to either aerobic or anaerobic conditions, which is why this product can work in the following aerobic and anaerobic conditions:

  • Gravity Sewer Mains
  • Lift Stations
  • Force Mains
  • Lagoons
  • Treatment Plants   
  • Camp Grounds
  • Waste Digester

Bio Clean 2lb Container $49.95+hst       Waste-Go 25lb Bulk $449.95+hst

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