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Why Service My Furnace?

Posted Sep 17th, 2018 in Sidebar Feed, Heating

Why Service My Furnace?

Fall Furnace Service... Necessary or No?

Once a year, or at least every two years, a qualified technician should inspect and clean your furnace.


Technicians have found many surprises when opening up Niagara area Furnaces. Everything from rodents, chewed wiring, nuts, nests (highly flammable) & kid's toys. Some more serious finds have been gas and CO leaks, shorted wiring, heat exchanger cracks and burnt wires.

A professional inspection and cleaning can help prevent winter breakdowns and also assist in running the system to it's maximum efficiency. Dirty, clogged up fans and motors can tax the system, making these components work harder to run.

To book a Fall Furnace Service in the Niagara area, Konkle Plumbing & Heating has been trusted by homeowners since 1981. You can book by phone 905-563-4847 or Book by email

When it's time to fire up the furnace, you can relax, knowing your heating equipment is safe and working at full capacity.   

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