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What do I need to do before heading south for the winter?

Posted Oct 5th, 2018 in News, Plumbing

What do I need to do before heading south for the winter?

Avoiding Ontario's frigid winter season by heading south is a great escape for many retirees and families in Niagara. Before you go, ensure a worry-free holiday protecting your home from Winter's cruelty and avoid flooding.

There's one thing that we can all agree on. Returning home from a southern holiday, is never the highlight of the vacation. Landing at the airport during a ferocious winter storm can be a very unwelcome reminder of exactly what we were escaping. Furthermore, finding your home in damaged condition by a flooded basement, is the ultimate holiday buzz kill.  

It's easy to get caught up in the packing and planning for a much needed, winter escape. Be sure to add a few things to your list that will prevent a disaster when you return.

Whether you are planning to be away for a week or a few months, it's important to be proactive in reducing the chance of any failures while away.

  1. Ask a neighbour or friend to check on the home periodically throughout your vacation.
  2. Install a battery back-up system on your sump pump(s).
  3. Check outdoor taps. Bleed the water, remove hoses, shut-off the water to those taps. 
  4. Ensure washing machine is empty.
  5. When setting the heat back, check your furnace manual for the lowest recommended temperature. A good rule of thumb is 60 degrees F or 15 degrees C, to avoid heat exchanger issues and water line freezing.
  6. Rectify any small leaks.
  7. Check your Main water shut off valve is not seized. (In case it is needed)
  8. For longer vacations, turn the water off at the Main shut off valve.
  9. Consider a WIFI Thermostat so can monitor your home or receive alerts.  
  10. BIO CLEAN is great for drain, pipe and septic cleaning while you're away www.bio-clean.ca 

Konkle Plumbing and Heating in Niagara can help ensure your home is protected over the winter holidays.

Contact Konkle for water shut-off valves, sump pump battery back ups, leak repairs, furnace preventative maintenance/check ups and iphone, ipad compatible thermostats.

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