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Is Duct Cleaning a SCAM?

Posted Mar 4th, 2020 in News, Duct Cleaning

Is Duct Cleaning a SCAM?

Many Niagara homeowners wonder: is duct cleaning a scam?

Well, let’s be honest.

If a solicitor is calling your home, or knocking at your door, they are likely hoping for an uniformed, quick sale. If an advertisement shouts $99 Duct Cleaning, it’s likely a basic vacuum, or only part of the home.

Customers report that duct cleaners are the worst for hidden fees and upcharges.

Duct Cleaning & Duct Vacuuming are two different services.  For true results, Duct Cleaning should be performed by a licensed HVAC technician and should include a Brush System that actually clears caught debris & buildup. As well, homeowners should insist on a viewing of the Duct’s interior through a high quality Camera System.

To better the results further, a thorough furnace cleaning and air filtration system can remove 99.98% of allergens by trapping particles as small as 0.1 micron (100 times more effective than a standard filter).

Ensure Your Service Provider is Qualified

Yes, it's possible to get a verbal quote over the phone during a duct cleaning sales call. Remember to ask if the price includes the whole home HVAC system, supply and return air ducts and what type of system is used. Ask what extra charges can be expected, and request a written quote via email or otherwise. Lastly, be sure the duct cleaner has a License (G1, G2 or G3) and is qualified to work with heating equipment.

               "Duct Cleaning, performed properly, can make a substantial difference in your indoor air quality and is recommended every 5-10 years. Especially homes with pets, smokers or small children." Healthy Home Specialist, David Harvey. Konkle Plumbing & Heating Inc. 

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