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Do I Need a Backflow Device?

Posted Jul 13th, 2020 in Plumbing, Sidebar Feed

Do I Need a Backflow Device?

The ABC's of Backflow in Niagara

AWWA - Founded in 1881, The American Water Works Association is an international, non-profit, scientific and educations society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water.

Backflow - Is the reverse flow of water from a building. This reverse flow is either caused by negative pressure developed in the city Main or over/high pressure originating from the building.

Cross Connection - a plumbing cross-connection is defined as any physical connection (pipe, line, hose) between potable water and any source of contamination.

Most Municipalities in the Niagara Region require commercial properties to install, and regularly test preventative devices. These devices vary depending on the severity of the backflow situation as outlined in the AWWA manual. The manual dictates the device needed to protect the city Main from backflow occurrences. The most common devices are the Reduced Pressure (RP) and the Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA). The RP unit protects from back pressure and siphonic flow with two check valves and an atmospheric port to divert water to a drain. The DCVA has a primary check valve and a secondary (back-up) valve to stop all backflow.

Residential buildings are not typically required to install devices. Most household fixtures are protected by an air gap. Sinks, tubs, taps and toilets: installed correctly, rarely pose a risk of backflow contamination. That said, outdoor taps and hoses should have an atmospheric vacuum breaker. In the off chance of a major backflow event, a hose left laying on the ground would naturally siphon flood water back in to the home.

Backflow events can be caused by water main leaks or breaks, heavy water use by the fire department or any sudden change in the pressure of the water system.

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