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What the Heck is a Bidet?

Posted Oct 9th, 2020 in Sidebar Feed, Plumbing

What the Heck is a Bidet?

Bidet or Bidet Toilet Seat?

Bidet. A small, low bath or basin in which a person washes the lower part of their body. Primarily after using the bathroom, to achieve a more thorough cleaning.

Pronounced: Bid-eh or Bid-day

Since the early 1800s, europeans have had a higher standard for cleaning ones' parts after their bathroom visit. Why is it, us North Americans are satisfied with a wipe or two when the option, for a proper wash is so available.

Just culture differences, I suppose.


That said, I will explain the benefits further and take the question marks out of the equation.

The common Bidet is a china basin that is usually installed on the floor next to the toilet. It has a faucet, temperature control and adjustable spray nozzle. The individual (male or female) would sit on the unit and use the controls to achieve a thorough cleaning. It has a proper drain that flushes to the sewer or septic. 

A second option is to save the space, and install a Bidet Toilet Seat on the existing toilet. These seats range from $200 to over $2000. The basic, cold water unit could likely be installed by the handy homeowner. The more advanced systems offer heated water, sanitizing, fan drying, lights and even music! These unit should be installed by a professional plumber. The difference in pricing is consistent with comfort options, primarily warm water vs. cold. 

Comfort and Cleanliness are not the only reasons to choose a bidet. This water-washing eliminates the need for toilet paper which helps with sewer and septic systems, as well as the cost of the paper.

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Further instruction on how to use a bidet?


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