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How Clean is My Tap Water?

Posted Dec 1st, 2020 in Healthy Home TIps, Duct Cleaning, Sidebar Feed, Plumbing

How Clean is My Tap Water?

Water Advisory alerts in Ontario

Hamilton, Wiarton, Muskoka Lakes, Sauble Beach... these towns/cities and many others, were under a Water Advisory as recently as 2019. The concern is, by the time you read about a Boil Advisory, you've likely already consumed the water. watertoday.ca 

There are simple solutions for homeowners, that are reasonably inexpensive and provide consistently safe drinking water.

Depending on your water source, municipal, city, cistern or rain collection, there are water filtration systems that can deliver up to 99.99% inactivation of common pathogens. The obvious benefit of installing a water filtration system is to protect from bacteria, contaminants and viruses that can get into virtually any plumbing system.  

What does all this mean to homeowners?

UV (Ultra Violet) Systems and RO (Reverse Osmosis) Systems ARE NOT the same.

A whole home UV System will protect all of the household and drinking water. The powerful UV rays kill disease causing micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and cysts with a 99.99% kill rate. 

An RO (reverse osmosis) system goes one step further to give you the highest quality drinking water. Contaminant reduction: TDS, Barium, Lead, Selenium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Hexavalent, Cadmium & Chromium.  A simple, small tap installed near your existing sink will be the go-to for better water to be consumed by your family.

Better yet, we're eliminating disposable plastic water bottles!


Once or twice each year (depending on the system), your technician will replace any bulbs or filters required to deliver consistent, worry free water. Everyday.

Both systems should be installed by a professional that is well versed in water treatment & the various equipment. Most homes do not require a pre-softener system; where others, with a high levels of hardness may. Homeowners using pond, well or rain water would require a more aggressive approach than those on municipal, cistern or city water. A professional Plumber can advise homeowners and suggest the style and sizing of system that is needed.


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