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Do I Need a Backwater Valve?

Posted Mar 12th, 2021 in Sidebar Feed, Plumbing

Do I Need a Backwater Valve?

Backwater Valves can help protect your basement from costly flood damage.

A basement full of sewage is somewhat rare but it does happen in this area. The good news is, this is easily prevented. Also referred to as a Backwater Device, these are often recommended for homes that use sump pumps, are located near lakes and rivers, or in an area that experiences heavy rain or flash flooding. Many new home builders are installing these devices in the Niagara area, as added protection for the new homeowner.

The device protects your basement and ensures flood water and sewage can not come back up into your home. The valve is installed in the sanitary pipe and operates using gravity and it’s own weighted mechanism.

Backwater valves should be serviced yearly as debris and build-up can interfere with the operation of the unit. If your home does not have a backwater valve, or if you’re not sure, contact Konkle Plumbing in the Niagara area. They have certified technicians for backwater device service, cleaning, backflow testing, cross connection surveys and installation. 905-563-4847 info@konkleplumbing.com  

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