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Why Service My Air Conditioner?

Posted May 19th, 2023 in Air Conditioners, Sidebar Feed

Why Service My Air Conditioner?

Spring & Fall ad campaigns keep telling consumers to service their A/C units. Scam?

Actually no. Both new and older units should be serviced yearly, before startup ideally. HVAC technicians have found many scary situations - birds, nests, mice, rats, chewed wiring, leaf and debris buildup, low or no refrigerant, blocked fan blades, and the inevitable deceased creature.

...and wasps, bees and bats!

Spring startup and inspection for your A/C can often save you money. Technicians will professionally charge the system to it's full capacity, resulting in maximum  efficiency rating. They check all the contacts/components and clean the unit, for worry free, summer operation.

Just recently, our technician discovered an active, furry family home in this A/C Condenser!

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