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Why Humidify Your Home?

Posted Jan 18th, 2024 in Humidifiers, News

Why Humidify Your Home?

It's Winter in Canada, and the effects of dry air are astounding. Niagara residents are feeling the effects of poor indoor air quality. Beat the dry air at home with a humidifier and eradicate dry air Symptoms.

Dry air pulls moisture from delicate membranes in your nose throat and lungs. Causing dry or bleeding nose, cracked or itchy skin, snoring, hair loss and sore throats. People with allergies or asthma find dry air can be a trigger and increase their symptoms. If you notice static shocks, floor gaps, excessive pet shedding, chipping paint or plaster,  a whole home humidifier can be the cure.

Sahara 25%  |  Rainforest 88%

The average home varies from 10% - 30% in winter months. Relative Humidity (RH)  is the amount of moisture in the air divided by the maximum amount of moisture that could exist in the air at a specific temperature. To find out the RH in your home or workspace, you'll require a hygrometer, humidistat or Thermostat with humidity sensor.

Spending long hours in a stuffy home or work environment can be taxing on your health. Research has shown that 35% to 50% relative humidity is ideal for today’s indoor environments. Outside this range, bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites thrive. Proper relative humidity provides a comfortable environment for your woodwork, your furniture, your plants, your pets and especially you and your family.  

Humidity Can Actually Save Money.

In more ways than one.

Controlled humidity allows you the luxury of dialing the thermostat back, thus reducing annual heating bills.

For example, 68° at 40% relative humidity, feels just as warm as 74% at 20% relative humidity.

Setting your thermostat back as little as three degrees can reduce annual heating bills by as much as 5%.

Dry air can cause small cracks & gaps in doors and window moulding, allowing expensive warm air to escape. In addition, dry air feels colder. As moisture evaporates from your body, it cools the surface of your skin, making you feel cooler.

Worried about Water Usage? Don't Be.

Without effecting the humidifier output, most water saver systems will save a minimum of 50% water usage, and up to 96% with customized settings. 50%-96% compared to similar sized Humidifiers without a water saver control. 

Water tests and load calculations should be performed to find out how much humidity is right for your living or working space. Installing, replacing or repairing an existing humidifier is a straightforward task for most HVAC professionals.  

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