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Save on Air Conditioning, Splurge at the Cabin...

Posted Jul 9th, 2024 in Air Conditioners

Save on Air Conditioning, Splurge at the Cabin...

Save your Summer Money with these Central Air Conditioning Tips

Summer is the Season to get to the Lake and enjoy some R&R. So here's some tips on saving real dollars during A/C Season. Save at home and enjoy an extra day at the Lake!


Yes. An old, dirty A/C in a leaky, unshaded house can cost hundreds more than the same-square-footage-neighbour with the right set-up.

Follow these Central Air Conditioning tips and save your money...

  1. Just so you know, there are two main components of your central air conditioning. The Condenser (Fan unit outside). And the A-Coil, installed inside the ductwork near your furnace. Both should be kept clean by a technician yearly or every other year.
  2. Ceiling fans running counterclockwise (pushing air down) help keep cool air circulating and as a result the A/C comes on less often. Ceiling fans cost 97% less to run than the air conditioner.
  3. When upgrading to a new high efficiency model, ensure the installer sizes the unit properly and upsizes the Coil. This is key.
  4. If you are keeping your older A/C unit, hire a technician to test and charge the system every spring. The unit is pressurized and as the pressure drops (season to season) so does the efficiency and life span. A basic cleaning isn't much help.
  5. Change your filter every month during heavy usage.
  6. Cover your windows with blinds or heavy curtains. 
  7. Ensure there are no lamps, TVs or heat sources near the thermostat.
  8. Keep it cool, not cold. Efficient air conditioners should run longer to remove the humidity in the air, not just push cold air into the home. Oversized or undersized units will cost more to run.
  9. Program your thermostat or increase the temp by 3 degrees when at work or asleep. For longer periods of time away, turn system off, or raise temp by 4-6 degrees.
  10. A tube of clear caulking can make a big difference if your windows, doors or seams are cracked or leaky. 
  11. It's called DUCT tape for a reason. Seal any leaking seams or holes in exposed ductwork.
  12. The condenser should not be in direct sun. Plant leafy shrubs and hedges to shade the unit, leaving 12-18 inches around for breathing room.
  13. Shade trees are very helpful, especially if planted to block out afternoon sun. Plant now, save later. 
  14. Ask about alternative cooling options like mii splits and ground source heat pumps.

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